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Slipping our hands all over your body, you moved between our fingers, her lips found yours as my hand drifted lightly over your balls and hard cock, I gripped it as she slipped her tongue into your mouth, her hips rubbing frustratingly against your right leg as I slipped my mouth down your left side, biting as I went, getting close to your hardening cock, moaning as I imagine you slipping into my mouth , You were shouting it at me now, my hips seemed to take over, fucking you harder and harder till sweat was pouring down my body and cum was squirting out of me continuously, wave after wave of emotion, and you pulled me close and whispered, “you’re my Wend, and I love you” I screamed out with emotion and satisfaction as I drowned you in my juices, I relaxed into your arms, you kissed me softly, laying me next to my friend, you left the room quietly, She reached my clit, moving my lips apart, her fingers found my entrance, slipping in she pulled up hard making me squirt instantly over her hand, we both screamed out!

From the spare room, he heard us, walking slowly across the landing, he pushed the door open, looking in he was both shocked and aroused, he found himself holding his now very hard cock as he watched us moaning, in the moon light he could see us holding each other tight and French kissing,

We reached in at the same moment, covering you in warm soft kisses

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